"With the camera I capture the first rehearsals. 

What I see touches me deeply.”

Silvia Dittli Dokumentarfilm Filmerin

My first documentary film project began in Menorca in spring 2017.

Over the course of two years, I accompany the protagonists on their journey together: I observe, listen - I capture what is said and heard on film. In the documentary, I tell the story of people who live what they passionately love: an extraordinary insight into the art forms of opera and clowning is offered. 

It is a narrative that thrives from the liveliness and multidimensionality of the characters, the depth and universality of their conflicts and the multi-layered unfolding of individual growth.

As a viewer, you observe the process and can recognise yourself in it. Why? Because everyone has a dream. Karin's story inspires you to do it your way. It encourages you to believe in the realisation of your own wishes and dreams. 

Silvia Dittli