About the film 

The film project finds its initial spark in spring 2017 in Menorca. Over the course of about two years, filmmaker Silvia Dittli accompanies the protagonists: the cinematic documentary gives us insights into the elaboration of Karin B. Friedli's first solo piece. The audience is offered an extraordinary insight into the art forms of opera and clowning. Karin unites the two different art forms and shows what space creativity can take in art, if one only allows it. How much work, energy and heart blood is invested in the development of a stage program, one can often only guess. In particular, it also becomes clear that such a process is linked to very personal developments and maturation processes. Karin is accompanied by two mentors who bring a rucksack full of experience in their art forms: Eric de Bont as director/clown and Denette Whitter as vocal coach. Together they let something incomparable come into being.

Our heart’s desire. Our start of a journey.

This film documentary is a no-budget project. 

A heartfelt thank you!

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