Cast - People in the Film

Karin B. Friedli

"My desire is to show that you can be more than just something".

How do you decide when you have many different talents that don't seem to go together? Quite simply: not at all! With her piece 'Getrude goes Opera' Karin combines what she loves: being a gifted singer and heartfelt clown. She shows that you don't have to choose one or the other, but that everything can fit together if you let yourself in on the process.

Eric de Bont

„Give a big hello to the world. Give a big hello for all what you are."

The director of “Bont's International Clown School” in Menorca not only has a sense of humour, he also reveals the heart of a philosopher. With a combination of profundity and joie de vivre, he reaches to the individual clown soul that slumbers in all of us.

Denette Whitter

"Having an idea, fulfilling a heart's desire, that process is hard work."

The native Texan runs her own opera academy in Germany and at the same time does everything herself that comes up at Henfenfeld Castle. A down-to-earth woman who is at home in the world of opera. In being herself, she definitely breaks with the usual clichés of a run-of-the-mill opera singer and shows once again how refreshing it is, not to always conform. 

The Crew: The Fellowship of the Film

The crew consists of powerful female energy, as well as our composer and mastering engineer.The driving force behind the film project is Silvia Dittli. Sandra Meier (editing) supports Silvia with words and deeds during the post-production phase. Silvia receives professional advice during the shooting process as well as in post-production from Claudia Bach (camera / dramaturgy) and Katharina Bhend (montage / editing). The music for the film is composed by Silvia's brother Stefan Dittli with great sensitivity, and heart and soul. Frank Niklaus optimizes the sound with his mixing skills. Franziska Lauber gives the presentation a face with tailored graphics and typography. Larissa Werren and Marisa Sigrist support the project with great commitment when it comes to optimising and editing texts.

Silvia Dittli

Idea and Production
Director, camera and editing

"With the camera, I capture the first rehearsals. What I see touches me to the core. My multiple roles as filmmaker, audio technician for Karin's solo piece as well as longtime friend of Karin make the project an absolute affair of the heart.
I AM WHO I AM shows people who are all on the same path. Even if there are ups and downs to go through in life: The concentrated power and a wonderful idea in combination with deep friendship makes dreams come true."

Sandra Meier

Editing and film montage, subtitles, color grading

"I know from my own experience how much effort it takes to pursue a long-cherished wish or dream. Anyone who has the courage and dares to take the plunge into the unknown has all my respect. The journey is the goal and the experience you gain along the way is priceless - step by step you get closer and closer to your true self. It is inspiring to follow Karin's very personal story in this documentary project. "

Claudia Bach

Mentorship camera and dramaturgy

"In character portraiture, it is very interesting to observe what makes a character multi-dimensional. In Karin’s case, it is fascinating to see that she shows both extroverted and introverted facets of herself - be it as Gertrude on stage or in private.

With my mentorship, I worked with Silvia on the core topic and I am happy to support her when challenges arise. I want to engage with Silvia and feel where her interests lie so that they can be expressed. "

Katharina Bhend

Mentorship editing and film montage

"It is often said that the actual film is made in the editing. I can agree with that and that's exactly why I find editing so incredibly exciting - but also just as demanding. I like to support Silvia in this process because she is very motivated and looks for solutions on her own. After a while I watch the film again and notice: Wow, a lot has happened here! I really enjoy my role as a companion and I wish Silvia and the entire project all the best! "

Stefan Dittli 

Film music composer

"There was this refreshing resonance with my own biography in certain scenes in the film in which I felt somehow understood.
Karin’s story shows impressively that we are not alone in our search for human wholeness. It takes courage to listen to our inner workings in order to follow it with confidence. Whatever lives within us never stops pushing for fulfillment until we become who we are. "

Franziska Lauber

Graphic design and typography

"I have accompanied and advised both women in terms of design. So I have been part of the process from both sides on these strong projects: in the birth process of Karin's Gertrude as a play and in the graphic design of the corporate identity of the film project. These are my strengths, the artistic realisation of a set design - working directly with material - and digitally graphic design as well as developing an overall picture of a project like the one for Silvia. I love working with strong women like Karin and Silvia, who have passion, courage, perseverance, a great potential of creativity and stamina to realise such wonderful and important projects. "

Marisa Sigrist

Communication and copywriter

" ’I am who I am’ - yes, who am I actually? Identity and (life) stories are some of the most exciting topics for me. The film project gives us an insight into the life of an inspiring person who dares to unfold her true identity - if that's not fascinating! "

Larissa Werren

Lector and copywriter 

"So far I have had (far too) little to do with clowns - just as little with opera. The project is a fusion of two worlds which are new to me and that need to be discovered. What fascinates me about it? Karin as an admirable woman who combines her two passions and courageously follows her heart. Shouldn't we all do that? "