Silvia Dittli

Idea and Production
Director, camera and editing

"My multiple roles as a filmmaker, audio technician for Karin's solo piece as well as being Karin's long-time friend make the project one that is close to my heart.

'I am who I am - Karin goes Gertrude' shows people who are on a journey together. Even if there are ups and downs in life: The full force and a wonderful idea in combination with deep friendship make dreams come true. "

Sandra Meier

Editing and film montage, subtitles, color grading

"I know from my own experience how much effort it takes to pursue a long-cherished wish or dream. Anyone who has the courage and dares to take the plunge into the unknown has all my respect. The journey is the goal and the experience you gain along the way is priceless - step by step you get closer and closer to your true self. It is inspiring to follow Karin's very personal story in this documentary project. "