Wow. Touching. Inspiring. I've got a message through this. Thank you.

Misenga Gossenweiler

It is incredible how in a short time so complex, exciting and emotional this touching life story of Karin is told! I find Karin incredibly inspiring and very universal in her search / her questions. The combination of opera, clown and connected with your film - a creative highlight.

Simone Seiterle, Royal Film

I AM WHO I AM has done me soooo good: my heart, my soul first. Also intellectually highly exciting and inspiring for me. Just THANK YOU for this immensely precious gift! I am thrilled and touched from A-Z.

Stefan Heinzmann, Pastoral Area Chaplain Muri Area

A documentary that captivates from the first moment and does not let go until the end. Ingenious camera work, excellent editing, great staging. The story of Karin touches and gives courage to those who believe in the good, in their own way and in true friendships.

Adrian Bräm, Peoplefotograf

May we all grow a little more into our "I am who I am".

Melanie Wydler

Silvia Dittli succeeds with a lot of feeling in bringing the audience very close and personal to the main character and her teacher and mentor or singing teacher. Complex messages are impressively conveyed: A film that gives courage, that encourages to tackle something, even if the mountain seems insurmountable at the beginning.

Adrian Vogel, principal and musician

What a wonderful process of an opera singer who goes into training with a clown, goes through a touching development process together with him and becomes a singing clown. The two go through ups and downs. A subtle and empathetic filming of a common artistic process.

Urs Jeker

The film is so, so, sooooo touching!!! Especially for me as an artist, which I also always (hinter-) question, doubt,... I can underline so many statements in the film from my experience in the studio and with the creative path. It was truly a gift to be able to watch this film. Thank you so much!

Rahel Suter-Portmann, artist and teacher

Compliment! An exciting person and great captured by Silvia. And the music fits great. I suspect how much work is behind it, until everything comes along so "round" and fitting. So many ideas and material - and then to make something out of it. There is so much behind it. I am impressed. Huge compliments to all involved.

Ursi Tschudi